Clear Smile

Based in Nyon, Clear Smile is a medico-dental structure that combines dental cosmetics with the traditional general and surgical care of dentistry.

The clinic is renowned for quality general and aesthetic care that complies with current science in process, materials, and equipment.

We master care like teeth whitening, dental facets, invisible orthodontics, implantology to improve or restore the beauty of your smile.

Dr. Cécile Lawson


I conceive in my dental practice to bring to everyone a balance between the being and the appearing because the health passes by the good general health of the teeth.

I take into account the patient's overall vision, which creates a harmony between the patient's smile and his personality.

The aesthetic dentistry I practice is not dissociated from functional dentistry. Very often, functional dentistry is restored without taking into account the aesthetic part that can be provided. This is how many people end up with only cared and repaired teeth. But one can also repair functionally and aesthetically a tooth. It just requires the practitioner to have a global vision, a skill acquired, a methodology, a thoroughness in his actions, and also to take the time to receive well, listen well, analyze well, advise well, and well carry out his act.



Skilled in: Dental cosmetics

  • Diplôme universitaire d'esthétique du sourire - Université de Strasbourg

  • GRF - Paris 

  • Académie du Sourire - Aix en Provence

Skilled in: Implant surgery

  • Bio matériaux et système implantable - Université de Bordeaux

  • SAPO implant - Paris

Skilled in: Periodontics

  • SAUP - Paris

  • Paro-concept - Paris

  • CES Biologie de la bouche - Université Paris V

Skilled in: Orthodontics 

  • Myobrace - Paris 

  • Orthocaps - Lausanne

  • Orthodeal - Paris

Affiliated to:

European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD)

International team for Implantology (ITI) 

Métamorphotose Strasbourg