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Devitalized teeth

Over time the teeth tend to tarnish, this is due to the presence of dyes that penetrate the dentine. For some the teeth take a yellow tint, for others they take a gray tint.

It is important that the color of the teeth and the color of the eyes are in agreement for a certain harmony of the face. Otherwise, the smile may look dirty.

Clear Smile has a perfect mastery of teeth whitening thanks to the competence of its team, and proven and well evaluated medical techniques.

Clear Smile offers each patient an individual protocol so that your teeth whitening is optimal.


Properly conducted teeth whitening gives lasting and stable results. Whereas repetitive tooth whitening gives ephemeral results and damages the teeth.


At home

The smile is an integral part of the beauty.

White teeth brighten your smile and make it more appealing.

With the home whitening treatment, you have the opportunity to find at your own pace and at your convenience a bright smile without any pain.

To perform your teeth whitening at home Clear Smile provides carbamide peroxide syringes.

 This product used only for home whitening brings excellent results, identical to in-clinic teeth whitening with or without lamp.

Note : Whitening has no effect on composite or ceramic restorations.

In office (in 1 session)

Un sourire lumineux rajeuni le visage de celui ou celle qui le porte.

A bright smile makes you look younger. Fast, efficient and durable, it's so simple to whiten your teeth in office 



  • The acidic nature of hydrogen peroxide can result in brief dental sensitivities.

  • Whitening has no effect on composite or ceramic restorations.

Devitalized teeth

A devitalized tooth is usually darker in color than a living tooth.

The whitening of devitalized teeth allows the darkest tooth to harmonize with all your teeth.

It is a simple, effective method that avoids the destruction of the tooth.  

Before starting the whitening of the devitalized tooth, it must be ensured that the root treatment is proper.

The whitening of the devitalized tooth is on and in the tooth.


  • The acidic nature of hydrogen peroxide can result in brief dental sensitivities.

  • Whitening has no effect on composite or ceramic restorations.

6 tips for white teeth

Take advantage of our tips to have and keep a bright smile!

6 tips for white teeth

Take advantage of our tips to have and keep a bright smile!

6 tips for white teeth

Take advantage of our tips to have and keep a bright smile!

6 tips for white teeth

Take advantage of our tips to have and keep a bright smile!



  • Why do a teeth whitening with Clear Smile?

A beautiful smile accentuated by a radiant white enamel is the wish of many people. However, it is not always easy to achieve such a result, especially since the teeth naturally become dull over the years. They can easily take on a yellow or even gray tint. Teeth whitening is one of the techniques used to give your teeth more shine. Thanks to its competent team and its mastery of the whitening technique, the Clear Smile dental practice located in Nyon offers you its services for effective and lasting results.

  • What is a teeth whitening?

Allowing to lighten the color of enamel and dentin, tooth whitening is one of the cosmetic dentistry methods that is quite simple. It is done thanks to of a gel based ofhydrogen peroxide, urea peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The action of peroxide, which is moreover the only agent capable of eliminating dark-colored molecules present on the teeth, makes it possible to lighten them.


Although the process can be done at home, it is important to use a professional since it requires mastery. It is indeed necessary to make a thorough oral examination to check the presence or not of contraindications such as gingival irritation, untreated cavities, weak enamel or devitalized teeth. The Clear Smile specialists apply with care to avoid any risk of allergies and others. 

  • Teeth whitening with Clear Smile: what are the benefits?

Teeth whitening is easy to do and can even be done at home. However, by coming to us, you are assured of a better result. Even if the intervention of a professional costs more, the risks are limited. We have staff trained in the various techniques of tooth whitening. You can benefit from our expertise and follow-up throughout the process.


It should be noted that the teeth brighten depending on the amount of product applied. There are however limits to the amount of product to apply, you cannot add as much as you want in order to have much brighter teeth. Our specialists have a mastery of this whitening process and will be able to assess, depending on the condition of the teeth, the appropriate amount for an optimal result. Even if the operation must be done at home, the advice of a dentist is essential.

  • The stages of dental whitening in the office

To whiten your teeth, it takes about two hours. This is done in several steps:

The thorough examination: the first step is to assess the reference color of your teeth. An oral examination is done to check the condition of the teeth, that of the gums and the presence of contraindications.

Teeth Cleaning: before the actual whitening, teeth cleaning is carried out to better prepare the teeth for the operation. Too much dental plaque could make the action of the whitening agent less effective.

Protection of the surrounding soft tissues: after the teeth cleaning, a cream is coated on the lips in order to avoid any contact with the whitening cream. Other soft tissues such as mucous membranes, gums and skin are also protected.

Applying whitening cream: this is the last step in teeth whitening. In order for the whitening gel to be better distributed, a retractor is used so that access to the dental arches is unobstructed.

If the teeth are damaged, we will proceed with the installation of ceramic veneers.

  • What types of teeth whitening at Clear Smile?

Clear Smile offers three types of teeth whitening: home whitening, in office whitening and devitalized teeth whitening. After assessing the condition of your teeth, our specialists will be able to provide you with the best advice for an adequate choice.


Home whitening


It no longer needs to be demonstrated that a smile is a considerable asset in terms of beauty. Beautiful teeth give your smile more character. Home whitening allows you to gradually and painlessly find a bright smile. We perform this operation using syringes of carbamide peroxide which is only used in this type of treatment. The results are as spectacular as those obtained with chairside bleaching.


Note that bleaching has no effect on composite or ceramic restorations.


In office whitening


This type of whitening is carried out in a single session in our office. It is used when teeth cleaning does not solve the problem. It is a very efficient, fast and durable technique. With the help of a lamp your teeth whitening will be fast and show great results. You should still be aware that the acidic nature of hydrogen peroxide can cause temporary dental sensitivities.


Whitening devitalized teeth

When a tooth is devitalized, it is necessarily darker than a living tooth. If this is the case with your teeth, we offer partial whitening in order to restore the harmony of their shade. In addition to being simple and effective, this method avoids any risk of destruction of the tooth concerned. It is for this reason that before any intervention, we make sure that the treatment of the roots is correct. Unlike other types of whitening, this is done on and inside the tooth.


Whatever type of whitening you choose, our team has the required qualifications for a result that meets your expectations. We also have state-of-the-art equipment which is regularly checked. For optimal whitening, each patient benefits from an individual protocol. Unless it is gradual whitening, the result is immediate. For dental whitening in Lausanne, you can also use the services of Clear Smile. By going through our office, you will find white and healthy teeth.